I am a published author, and was at the forefront of the PC revolution teaching people how to program and helping people understand the power of PC’s. I then founded Internet Business Systems, Inc. in 1994 and have been an Internet evangelist and trend setter every since. I’ve also written hundreds of technical articles and reviews with topics ranging from workstations, to CAD software, to 3D printers and more. My biggest strength is being able to rapidly understand complex technical issues (Like VHDL Programming) and writing so that the reader doesn’t have to have a PHd to appreciate the technology. As an aside, one of the books that I wrote for Addisson Wesely (Dr. C. Wacko’s Miracle Guide … ) has become a ‘cult classic’ and is now selling used at $90 or more on Amazon and e-Bay. I've also writing and am currently writing fiction books and screenplays. This is a social site ... so please say hello :)


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