My Crazy Life

David Louis Heller Born Thursday, April 17, 1941 — PROLOG  My magical childhood:    In The Beginning The rest of the story begins here: Sunday, January 11, 1948 It’s a very gray day.   I’m sitting alone in the back seat of a large gray sedan on the left side with my nose sometimes touching the […]

The Usurper: Cape Christian Tales

  WORK IN PROGRESS,Content will change constantly until completion Spring had almost arrived, and the snow was melting and slowly receding, exposing random patches of wet brown mud, moss green tundra, and a spattering of hearty daisy-like flowers that had popped up overnight. It was then that Patches suddenly attacked and nipped King’s right hind leg.  […]

Here I Stand

Here I stand, just a man Looking out across this great expanse That hurls itself with herculean force against the smooth walls of the cliff. Here I stand, just a man Smaller than a grain of salt or a handful of ashes Watching in awe This timeless battle between land and sea

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