Connie’s Space Knights Redux

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Space Knights
(Written in 1982, Now Rewriting to Update Story Flow and Projected Technologies)

Once upon a time Jake and Lisa’s relationship was all business until they connected on the planet Palo Cosmos.  Palo Cosmos is inhabited by a bunch of Silicon Valley Software Engineers who left Earth when computers started programming themselves. They left to find and then populate Cosmos, a planet that had the precise climatic and soil conditions for growing the best grapes. After cultivating a bumper grape crop, they used their wine making expertise to produce the best, most elegant wine in the Universe, and named it “Cosmos.”

Welcome to our virtual bottling party!

Jake and Lisa meet with Hank as they orbit Palo Cosmos and get ready to descend

“CLIDE, we’d better get down to the airlock and greet our guest. I’m going to leave Suzy with you in case you need any repairs. Lisa and I will go down and find out what this is all about.”

The shuttle craft nosed gently into the airlock. Its nose hatch opened, followed by a whooshing sound of decompression. A lean, bearded man ambled into the chamber. He took in the surroundings with an easy, relaxed air. A broad smile spread across his suntanned face. His blue eyes danced with merriment as he stood tall, with certain dignity, and offered his hand to Jake.

He nodded his head, and smiled as they shook hands. “High tech, man,” he said in a relaxed tone. “Name’s Hank, “He nodded at Lisa, his eyes fixed on her face. His smile broadened. “All right!…” he com­mented approvingly, “Let’s punch this thing into overdrive and zip down to Cosmos. You know what? It’s time to party!!!

STORY CORRECTION NOTE:  There is a showdown coming soon between Hank and Jake for Lisa’s affections, and it builds through the tour what the problem was that called them down here etc.  invent new stuff and pull from my original writing..


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