The Egyptian Queen’s Servant

Elli Salah   WORK IN PROGRESS,Content will change constantly until completion In the foothills below the Alps, north of Rome on the cobble stone road, two fierce warriors guard the approaches to the city with their immortal souls. These gods take the shapes of and in Rome their chiseled marble images are revered and prayed to […]

The Usurper: Cape Christian Tales

  WORK IN PROGRESS,Content will change constantly until completion Spring had almost arrived, and the snow was melting and slowly receding, exposing random patches of wet brown mud, moss green tundra, and a spattering of hearty daisy-like flowers that had popped up overnight. It was then that Patches suddenly attacked and nipped King’s right hind leg.  […]

Mission #1

What is this site going to accomplish for you?  … And How! Answer this question and show how it’s going to help its users!!!   THEN I CAN FINALIZE THIS SITE!!! Benefits:  (Go in-depth with each showing the benefits of using each of these and how to use them.  Do written tutorialswith illustrations first and  […]

Here I Stand

Here I stand, just a man Looking out across this great expanse That hurls itself with herculean force against the smooth walls of the cliff. Here I stand, just a man Smaller than a grain of salt or a handful of ashes Watching in awe This timeless battle between land and sea

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