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Super Duper was one notch above Piggly Wiggly, barely.

Prominent in the center of the dilapidated shopping center, its Super Duper neon sign fizzled a red and blue beacon into the cold damp East Northport night.

Was this fizzling phenomenon, in a strange and electrifying way a beacon of hope for the genteel residents of this suburban Long Island refuge from the five boroughs?  Who knows?  Who will ever understand? Who really cares.

Inside the market, wasted neon lights cast a flickering and almost eerie pallor down across aisle after aisle of boxed and canned goods, while projecting daylight from the sky fresh look upon the vegetables, especially after the auto sprinklers did their thing every morning at precisely 7:30.

But, across the back of the market the deli meat, sliced to perfection and displayed with aplomb, without an ounce of fat showing, and encased in a crystal clear glass counter refrigerator trimmed in spotless chromed stainless steel. One look at the sliced deli meat made me want to grab the nearest slice of rye bread, slap on some mustard, grab a handful of that beautiful corned beef or pastrami, and “enjoy boy-chick, enjoy!!!”  I should’ve been awarded the honor of merit, It took amazing constraint not to start an eating fest.

And the heroic man who made all this magic possible, was my boss and deli-mentor,  Sol.  (With a little help from the tinted red make-meats-look -‘fresh-light’ that illuminated and “freshened up”  the pastrami and corned beef.)

I formed a picture in my mind about what would happen if the specially tinted red neon lights that kept the pastrami looking “fresh,” suddenly and unexpectedly, turned green, precisely at lunchtime. 

TBC (To Be Continued)      

Everybody wanted lean pastrami ….. There are more four-leaf clovers on this planet then there are ‘lean’ sliced pastramis. There isn’t any ‘lean’ pastrami on this planet. If there is, it’s not Sol’s.

Sol was, like his namesake Solomon, a very wise man. To tell the truth, he was a wise guy! But, I didn’t know anything about the deli business , or Sol,  until long after I interviewed for the job. In the end, I learned that Sol and the deli business were synonymous.

But now, in the beginning, I knew nothing and wanted to know everything!

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