Listen to The Written Word

What is this site going to accomplish for you?  … And How!

Answer this question and show how it’s going to help its users!!!


Benefits:  (Go in-depth with each showing the benefits of using each of these and how to use them.  Do written tutorialswith illustrations first and  then use this written material to develop videos that explain each capability … what the benefits are and how to use each capability standalone and also in concert with other specialized site capabilities.

  • Audio post reading
  • Revisions (PublishPress)
  • Inline commenting (WPdiscuz)
  • Private and group chats
  • Audio messages
  • Chats and audio soon to be replaced and/or enhanced with optional  video chats or video messages
  • Permissions – use in creative ways to limit who sees and can work on what etc.
  • Also, have more than one Author of a post
  • Wrap all these up into a written and video tutorial showing how members can help each other with editing, feedback, collaboration on specific writing/work
  • Continue to build out resources and go from higher level downward working in
  • Set up workflow charts for using all this
  • Display the highest rank/most popular writing posts on the home page.
  • Add Writing group classes … similar to the creative writing course I took at De Anza College where we met once a week and sat around a conference table after distributing each person’s current writing, and the author reads the work (we can simply have all listen to each work while reading the text) and give constructive feedback and comments.  This can be a once weekly meeting on a specific day and at specific time.
    • Use ZOOM plugin to Embed ZOOM onto a page and use it to help facilitate Writing classes and for other educational courses.
  • Other educational material that will be helpful to our audience of writers/authors/editors  …. think of all the ways to do this and write this up.  For example, one way could be by holding classes on our site … add a live teaching environment to the site … lecture hall, classroom, etc. etc.
    • links to online courses relating to writing or bring this material directly on to this site.
    • I like the group classes here because it’s not didactic but EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING  …. but we can do some didactic fact base teaching here too …. like grammar and in-depth review of writing from some great authors etc.
  • Put more ideas here …
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