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                                   Music composed and produced using a real Yamaha baby grand piano,
                              a real Yamaha electronic keyboard, a real Harmonica, and this thing from Propellerhead!
                                  And, with a ‘little’ help from my good friend, mellow pianist, and great musician, David
                                      Scroll down the page a bit to the music player, and enjoy!.   

I composed the piano and original digital music on this playlist with the exception of song 11, the improvisational work with David, and Song 13, where I played and recorded a harmonica accompaniment over Junior Wells singing Stormy Monday.

Songs 1 and 2:   I composed these two songs and my good friend David Evison injected life into them by taking my handwritten note sheets and playing through them several times with me; the music getting better each time until all the bugs were out and we arrived at what you hear here, 

I wrote these two songs as a beginning to a Romeo and Juliet-plot musical – Where an Israeli girl, and a Palestinian boy fall in love, and where the Capulets could be Goldstein’s and .. , well you get it, enjoy !

Song 11:  David also played piano when we played together in this short improvisation.  David, out of  no where just started playing this riff that I had never heard before, and I had my right hand wrapped around my harmonica, and I just fell into the music he was playing, and the two of us, made musical magic that day! 




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