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Here I stand just a man
I wrote this when I was ten years old ... it won an adult award -- Please tell me what you think.x

Looking out across this great expanse

That hurls itself with herculean force against the smooth walls of the cliff.


Here I stand, just a man

Smaller than a grain of salt or a handful of ashes

Watching in awe

This timeless battle between land and sea

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Casey Contributor

I’m really impressed by this very short but impactful poem, thank you David.

Crocodile Dundee

G’day Mate — Thank you for your poem, puts life into perspective.

Casey Contributor
Here I stand just a man" Read more »

I already told you that I like this one … thanks for the additional info … what award did you win?

Crocodile Dundee
Here I stand just a man" Read more »

Just want to see if this comment still makes it into the system … since I added spam stopper plugin

Casey Contributor


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